mercoledì 17 aprile 2013

Play Modena 2013

Finally, after over a weeks I managed to write a post about the Play Modena 2013. The Play Modena is a great event that took place in Modena in paticularly dedicated for lovers of boards games; there was an enormeous pavilion dedicated completely to table games of all types, another pavilion with Live Games and cosplay (I saw a lot of them very wel made) and a third pavilion with other games as chess and table football where I was with my friends in the stand of the Association Sleghiamo la Fantasia and in the stand of Ars Ludica who kindly hosted our lego diorama. It was a great two-days and I hope the next year I will be there another time. I recommend to see the full gallery at the end of the post and I hope you enjoy it.
Finalmente, dopo oltre una settimana sono riuscito a scrivere un post dedicato al Play Modena 2013. Il Play Modena è un grande evento che prende luogo a Modena dedicato in particolare agli amanti dei giochi da tavolo; c'era un enorme padiglione dedicato a giochi da tavolo di tutti i tutti, un altro padiglione per il Live Games e Cosplay (ne ho visti molti di veramente belli) e un terzo padiglione per altri tipi di giochi come gli scacchi e il biliardino dove mi trovavo con i miei amici dello stand dell'Associazione Sleghiamo la Fantasia e dello stand di Ars Ludica che ha gentilmente dato spazio per il nostro diormama. E' stata una grande tre giorni e spero di poter ripeterla anche l'anno prossimo. Mi raccomando di guardare le galerie complete e spero che vi piacciano le molte foto prese.


mercoledì 10 aprile 2013

My own MOCs for Brickfanatics Series 9 Building Contest

For the Brickfanatics' CMF Series 9 Diorama Building Contest, I and my coworker Daala create two small MOCs. Enjoy!!
Per il contest CMF Series 9 Diorama Building Contest del sito inglese Brickfanatics, Io e la mia collaboratrice Ammiraglio Daala abbiamo creato due piccole MOC. Enjoy!! 

A roller derby Girl in Action
We can see a roller derby girl, as the title says, in action watched by a small public with even a stormtrooper.
Si può vedere una ragazza sui pattini a rotelle, come detto dal titolo, in azione seguita da un piccolo pubblico, tra cui anche un assaltatore.

Even Darth Vader needs to follow the highway code by Admiral Daala
Here, we can see that even Darth Vader has some rule to respect, in this case the highway code broked Vader's tracking of the Jedi. The passersby look but do not intrude in the discussion of Darth Vader and the Policemen.
Qui, possiamo vedere che anche Darth Vader ha delle regole da rispettare, in questo caso il codice della strada ha fermato l'inseguimento del Jedi condotto da Vader. I passanti guardano ma non si impicciano nella discussione tra Darth Vader e il poliziotto.


lunedì 1 aprile 2013

Eurobricks change name

Today Eurobricks announced an epochal change: from Eurobricks the site will became Ameribricks; the motivation? The three quarters of the users are american and therefore the staff decide to make the site more accommodating for the american people. Below there is the official comunications.

Oggi Eurobricks ha annunciato un cambio epocale: da Eurobricks il sito diventerà Ameribricks; la motivazione? Tre-quarti della popolazione di EB è americana e perciò lo staff ha deciso di rendere il sito più accomodante per gli americani. Sotto la comunicazione ufficiale.

Dear Eurobricks Members:

As most of you know, we've been through a number of software and server upgrades in order to provide you with the best experience possible. During that time, we've installed several new tools that better allow us to track the evolution of the site, and now is the time when we can apply this new knowledge to bring the forum to even greater heights. Specifically, we were able to look at registrations over time, marking very definite trends in our member base and we've come to an interesting evolutionary timeline, of sorts. In the early days of Eurobricks, the site was primarily used by European members who found it to be a comfortable place to share their love of LEGO with like-minded people of a similar background. Gradually, that shifted to a more global membership, which was something we had noticed ourselves, even without the detailed analysis that we have now. The part that surprised us was the last few years, the time when the site has seen it's largest increases in membership and traffic, and that is what we are here to discuss.

To put it simply, what was once a European site has turned into one mostly populated by American AFOLs who now outnumber all other locations by a 4 to 1 margin. As such, continuing to maintain our image as a European site is unfair to the majority of our members. As a result, adjustments are being made. Over the next few weeks, you may notice some slight changes to the site, changes designed to allow us to better accommodate the largest portion of our member base more efficiently while still keeping the site friendly and open to all.

The Plan

  •     Rebranding of the site to AmeriBricks, along with the necessary change in address.
  •     Reworking of site graphics to better match American visual sensibilities.
  •     Shifting the focus of our discussions to a more American point of view.
  •     Movement of the physical server to America to improve site performance during peak usage times.

Rebranding is currently in progress, feel free to visit Ameribricks over the next few weeks to watch our progress. The majority of the plan is happening behind the scenes and will most likely appear suddenly, which is why we felt the need to let you know about the coming improvements.

We hope that this change will come as both a surprise and a pleasure to you and that we may continue to serve you for many years to come. Please come tell us what you think!

~ The AmeriBricks Staff

Fonte/source: Eurobricks Topic